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Cyber Kill Chain

The purpose of this blog post is to give the reader a brief introduction to the Cyber Kill Chain. The Cyber Kill Chain is a seven-step model that outlines the stages of a typical cyber attack. Developed by Lockheed Martin, the Cyber Kill Chain is used by organizations to understand the various stages of a cyber attack and to develop an effective defense against those attacks.

The seven steps of the Cyber Kill Chain:

Reconnaissance: The attacker gathers information about the target to identify potential vulnerabilities.

Weaponization: The attacker creates a malicious payload (e.g. malware, virus, or exploit) that is specifically designed to exploit the target’s vulnerabilities.

Delivery: The attacker delivers the malicious payload to the target, often through phishing emails, infected websites, or compromised software.

Exploitation: The attacker uses the malicious payload to exploit the target’s vulnerabilities and gain access to the target’s systems or data.

Installation: The attacker installs additional malicious software, such as a remote access tool (RAT), to maintain persistent access to the target’s systems.

Command and Control: The attacker establishes a command and control channel to communicate with the installed malicious software and control the target’s systems.

Actions on Objectives: The attacker carries out their objectives, such as exfiltrating sensitive data or disrupting critical systems.

The Cyber Kill Chain is a valuable tool for organizations looking to defend against cyber attacks. By understanding the various stages of a cyber attack, organizations can develop a defense-in-depth strategy that covers all stages of the attack, from initial access and reconnaissance to exfiltration and lateral movement. This makes it easier for organizations to prioritize their defense efforts and allocate resources where they are most needed. Additionally, the Cyber Kill Chain is also used by Red Teams and Penetration Testers alike.

In conclusion, the Cyber Kill Chain is an essential tool for organizations looking to defend against cyber attacks. By outlining the seven stages of a typical cyber attack, it provides organizations with a comprehensive view of the attack lifecycle and helps them develop a defense-in-depth strategy to stay ahead of evolving threats. By implementing a defense strategy based on the Cyber Kill Chain, organizations can significantly improve their security posture and mitigate the risk of cyber attacks.